We'll show you how to get around, the best features, places of note and how to get there in no time. You will very quickly learn how to navigate with confidence in your new community.

Acclimating to a new location is a crucial first step to feeling at home. Once the transferee arrives, the Destination Services consultant will begin a show and tell to reset the transferee's personal compass.


*Typical Expert area advantages/disadvantages

*Show major features of the city and highlights to establish employee in the country/ state
• An overview of the local housing market, using maps and data to highlight the key factors based on the pre-arrival assessment
• Familiarization with the local medical facilities, including urgent care centers, hospitals and concentrations of medical professionals
• Locations of leisure, entertainment, dining, shopping, cultural, sports events & facilities
• An explanation of the public transportation system, its cost and how/where to access it
• An overview of family research results; for example, local hobbies, favorite family activities, networking options, language schools, places of worship
• Location of key local, state and federal government offices, including police and fire
This process is tailored to the unique needs and interests of the transferee and their family. The goal is to introduce the transferee to the area and increase their comfort level in the new location.