Departure Services

With Bay Area Relocation Services managing the entire process, we can ensure that everything runs smoothly for your departure, and advise on the smaller parts of the moves, such as selling unwanted items, and cancelling utilities, selling a vehicle. This ensures that nothing is forgotten and the employee can focus on their return home.

The termination of a lease is also a time where companies can find themselves with additional financial liabilities. These can include damage claim payments and loss of deposits. Because we carry out a stringent inventory check when clients move in, and manage the check out in the same way, we are able to ensure that employees and clients are not liable for erroneous dilapidation claims and that they retain as much of their deposit as possible. Our departure services include, but are not limited to:

Residential and Apartment Assistance

• Review of lease and termination letter

• Move-Out walk through (to anticipate any problems, advise on cleaning carpets/windows etc.)

Assistance with selling vehicles and personal items

• Disconnection of services (utilities and telephone)
• Closing accounts – memberships, credit cards, bank accounts, insurance and clients needs.
• Pick up of rental furniture
• Disposal of unwanted items
• Final move out inspection
• Return of security deposit

• Selling or Returning a vehicle
• Travel related arrangements