Relocation Services/ Rental Home finding

Call us for a Initial consultation and tell us a little more about your move and relocation plans ( final move date, planned arrival dates, preview trip date)

What kind of service are your requesting? ( Rental Home finding, Settling in Services, Educational Assistance, Real Estate Assistance or Tenant Finding ( We market and list your home for rent) or a Total support relocation package.

Fill out a needs assessment so we can better understand your needs, budget and cities your considering relocating to and other criteria( size, type of home, distance from work, close to schools etc.)
Available on our web site

Make a deposit or payment on our web page via Paypal or Credit card so we can initiate services on your behalf.

We will then research and preview homes, apartments, contact property managers, owners and make and confirm appointments prior to your arrival date.

We will assist and prepare a rental application packet for you that we will present to the landlords or property managers during our rental tour.

We will send you a final detailed itinerary prior to your home finding trip with maps and details of each the properties we will be showing you.

One the day of your home finding trip we will meet or pick you up and accompany you to visit all the properties. (You will view between 8-10 properties )

We will facilitate and coordinate with landlords, answer any questions and make sure your application gets accepted. If you are traveling we will liaison and coordinate/follow up and make sure all documentation is submitted to the property owners and send you the lease agreement.

Educational Assistance:

If the client is requesting Educational Assistance to visit and preview schools we will research, contact public or Private schools and make appointments with principals, admission advisors and educate the client on all schools. Provide information ( class sizes, school size and curriculum.

On the day of the preview trip we will accompany the client if requested to the appropriate schools. This trip can last between 5-6 hours depending on the number of schools visited. (Very helpful to newcomers and International clients moving to a new city and new school district)

Tenant Finding for homeowners: ( Marketing your rental to relocation clients)

Call us and tell us about your rental property ( Size, square footage, amenities and address)

We will conduct market research and advice on rental price and current market conditions and educate on rental potential. We will then provide you with a quote/ flat fee to rent your home from start to finish. Listing to Lease Agreement.

Tells us when your property will be vacant or ready for a new renter. Send us pictures of your property or we will come preview it also.

We will list and market your home to relocation clients, newcomers and new hires, We will also list in online on different Real Estate web sites.

We will coordinate showings with you and the client and show your property if needed. The client will be prequalified and screened (credit report, rental application and offer letters) will be sent to you for approval once obtained.

We will prepare the lease agreement (6 month or 1-2 year lease) and sent to the client and owner for signatures.

Once the lease agreement has been signed and executed by both parties and accepted a payment will be due.

We always get top dollar for our rental clients!! We do all the work and it's a hassle free and convenient process to our clients.

For a free consultation of your relocation needs or rental property please call us @ 510-468-6197.