For assignees with families, their children’s education will be a major preoccupation, perhaps even a barrier to accepting an assignment at all. This is often exacerbated by the excessive bureaucracy and unfamiliar regulations they encounter. Often employees with children find that their search for a school delays their search for a home, because one decision fundamentally impacts the other. A well informed parent is in a position to make prompt decisions, maximizing their chances of success. All this gives them is peace of mind. With their children settled into a new school, your employee can focus on their new assignment as soon as possible.

Schooling Assistance/ Tours
This program assists the customer to assess the suitability/availability of schools both Public and Private, in the city that they are moving to and accompany the customer to school appointments and registration.
After a complete needs assessment is complete our destination services consultant will:

  • Assist in booking of appointments for targeted schools
  • Accompany parents and children to visit school
  • Coordinate testing and admission applications, where required
  • Coordinate appointments with Principal and accompany as necessary
  • Profile information on potential schools to meet Childs/interest and needs ( International, Bilingual, Athletics, Special Interest)
  • Advise employee of the required forms and paperwork to meet local requirements, immunization requirements