Settling In

Assignments are more successful when assignees settle-in quickly. Bay Area Relocation Services program and part of our complete corporate relocation service, acclimatises the employee and their family to the host environment after relocation, helping them live in their new home independently and with confidence.

Once an assignee has been moved into their new home, the process of adjusting to the new city begins in earnest. For an assignee, attending to their family’s personal needs can be difficult in an unfamiliar environment. Everything from finding a family doctor to shopping for groceries can become a challenge. This can complicate the relocation process and impact negatively on an assignee’s work performance.We provide personalized settling-in service packages that address the specific needs and interests of the assignee

That’s why we offer a dynamic range of settling-in services that can help assignees feel at home in their new environment including:

Settling In Services- Can include the following:

• A complete needs Assessment prior to arrival
• A Introduction and meeting after arrival
• Applying for a social security number (Accompanied visit)
• Getting a California driver’s license (Accompanied visit)
• Establishing a California bank account (Accompanied Visit)
• Signing up and connecting utilities
• Purchasing or Leasing a Vehicle
• Assistance and information obtaining Car Insurance
• Assistance with Rental Insurance ( Contents Insurance)
• Local memberships at Sports Club or Fitness Center
• Information and local visits to recreational Areas and parks. (Golf, Tennis, • • • Private Clubs, Special Interests) when needed.
• Identifying appropriate pre-schools/day care for any pre-school children
• Registering kids at schools